Ankylosaurus Finished Model by Dan's Dinosaurs

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An awful clamor surrounds the widest stretch of the stream. Crowded and irritable, the herd of ceratopsians gulps noisily at the refreshing liquid. Those not drinking are shoving their way among those that are, while the younger ones splash clumsily and imitate the bellowing of their elders. The scene is utter chaos, enough to repel even the biggest predators. Though shimmering and irresistible to the thirsty wildlife, few animals would risk taking their ease here. One such exception now approaches the scene.

The Ankylosaurus must occasionally squeeze its way through a narrow passage of trees in order to reach its preferred drinking location. Even the trees tremble and part in response to its unyielding girth, occasionally leaving horizontal scars where the animal's bony armor scrapes away the bark. Though taller than the new arrival, the fearsome ceratopsians immediately yield and grant her the right of way. Those too young to comprehend the danger instinctively follow their elders' example. When at last she reaches the stream, the Ankylosaurus lowers her head just above the water, and freezes. She does not drink. For a time, the only movement is the gentle flaring of her nostrils. Slowly, she turns and departs.

Once the armored dinosaur has sufficiently distanced itself, the rowdy herd resumes its ruckus. As it travels upriver, the Ankylosaurus passes the fetid carcass of a thescelosaur, rotting in the middle of the channel. Further up, she approaches the water, again sampling the scent of the current. She drinks. Three weeks later, she encounters the very same herd of ceratopsians. She fails to recognize them, however. They are fewer in number, and much quieter than they used to be.


Ankylosaurus is a true icon, but it is frequently incorrect when reconstructed, even swapped out for other species. Paleoartist Sean Cooper referred to the latest research when crafting this model, which was released as a Dan's Dinosaurs exclusive in 2018. This is a very heavy animal, so it had no need for the cartoonish speed or agility seen in popular imagery. I wanted to demonstrate quiet and natural behavior, bent low to quench its thirst, which I could not recall seeing anywhere else.

1:20 Scale
11.5" L x 4" H
3 piece kit

This model is made to order, so casting and painting will require several weeks of preparation.

Upon hearing of "Dan's Dinosaurs", people often ask me, "Oh, so you make dinosaurs?" While I was not sculpting the dinosaurs myself, I did explain that Dan's Dinosaurs was actually better than that; it is a showcase for some of the best prehistoric replicas ever made, crafted by the most renowned paleoartists in the world. Three years after opening shop in 2009, I decided to build upon this idea by offering an exclusive line of models. These models would adhere to the highest standards of artistry and science, so each piece could truly be recognized as one of "Dan's Dinosaurs". This line of original models launched in 2012, and their worldwide popularity reflects our continued captivation with the natural history of our planet.

Please enjoy!

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