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Jurassic Park T-Rex Jeep Attack Diorama by Iron Studios


This incredible diorama depicts the memorable jeep attack scene from the classic 1993 science fiction thriller Jurassic Park. Limited edition diorama presented by Iron Studios and Chronicle Collectibles, 1:10 Scale (Art Scale Piece)

ETA Q2 2019

– Limited edition TBD
– Based on original references from the movie
– Made in Polystone
– Hand painted
– Rain drops paint effects
– Inside car CD-Rom program LED light up
– Car lights LED light up
– Guides, folder and maps from the Park included
– Includes environment back base “fence, base, wire rope, plants”
– Includes “broken glass” (not real glass)
– Realistic puddle effects on the base
– Includes Tim and Alex Murphy figures
– Includes Alan Grant and Dr. Ian Malcolm figures
– Includes T-Rex figure
– Includes Jungle Explorer 04 (damaged) and 05
– Jungle Explorer 05 right front door opens
– Includes middle base with T-Rex footprints (connection between SET A and SET B)
– Includes ArtWork and exclusive card based on the iconic cards from the 90s

22.4″ tall, 63″ wide and 29.5″ deep

This product page features both diorama sets A and B combined into a single diorama. Dioramas may be available separately; contact store manager for details.

Additional shipping costs and logistics may apply. Please contact store manager before ordering.