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Rhamphorhynchus Adult by Palaeoplushies


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Rhamphorhynchus was a Jurassic long-tailed pterosaur which lived on a diet of fish and insects. Throughout growth, the tail vane morphed from a oval shape in juveniles to a triangle-like shape in adults.

Dimensions: 65 cm wingspan

An adult/sub-adult with a wingspan of 65cm, coloured with flashy blues. Despite not being full-size, it's clear this individual is out to find a mate! Rhamphorhynchus based on skeletals by the brilliant Scott Hartman (Ref: Hartman)!

Rebecca Groom presents Palaeoplushies, a unique line of prehistoric fauna as soft plush models. These pieces are intended for adult collectors, and are machine sewn from custom printed cotton fabric. They are filled with polyester stuffing with a pose-able wire skeleton to give them a more realistic shape and flexibility. Each toy is made to order and ships from the UK.

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