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Sgt. Craig Windrix, Warrior, Xenomorph from "Alien" Series 2 by NECA


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This set includes 3 figures.

NECA Series 2 features this new version of the original 1979 Alien, which includes an all-new sculpt with over 30 points of articulation. Also known as "Kane's son" and "Big Chap" by collectors, this original version of the iconic movie monster is easily identified by the bony orbits reminiscient of a human face beneath its transluscent carapce.

Height: 9"

This Warrior Alien from NECA has more than 30 points of articulation, including a bendable tail, hinged jaw and sliding inner mouth. This version of the Warrior features blue costume highlights and a glossy, wet appearance. The "Warrior" Alien class is most easily recognized for its ridged head devoid of the smooth carapace seen in other versions, an artistic distinction attributed to director James Cameron.

Height: 9"

Colonial Marine Sgt. Windrix stands approx 7″ tall and features shoulder camera, motion tracker, and flamethrower accessories, along with newly sculpted long sleeved arms bearing his sergeant stripes. Craig Windrix does not appear in any of the Alien films, because he is an original character. This figure was created to honor the brother of NECA sculptor Kyle Windrix, and Craig's battle with cancer continues to inspire others to fight their own battles.

Height: 7"

Note: These figures are fragile and may require careful handling. Heating with hot water may help to temporarily loosen articulated joints.

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