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Apatosaurus 1:15 Resin Kit by Foulkes


Earlier paleoartists depicted the Apatosaurus with its neck held high in the air, and its body often submerged in water.  This modern reconstruction by Shane Foulkes reflects the latest paleontological evidence, which purports that the animal was not some pudgy grazer lounging in lakes all day, but a muscular and graceful herbivore.  From the realistically angled neck to the whip-like tail, this is absolutely the show-stopping piece that makes other models seem like mere trinkets, with a total length exceeding 5 feet.  Once assembled and painted, the Foulkes Apatosaurus is sure to become the centerpiece of any collection.

1:15 Scale
9 piece kit
68" Length along curve
48" Length horizontally
14" Height at the back

Discontinued 2022