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Papo 2019 Spinosaurus

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By far one of the most anticipated items of 2019 is the new Papo Spinosaurus, which is now available to preorder from Dan's Dinosaurs. This new version is based on more recent scientific research, making it drastically different from the manufacturer's original "Jurassic Park" style version. In addition, this piece is uniquely labeled as a "limited edition" piece by the manufacturer. The precise quantity manufactured is unsurprisingly a closely guarded secret, but I will post new details on this piece as they come in. It is currently available as a "deposit price" item in the shop. Once Papo confirms their final pricing, buyers will be issued an invoice for the remaining cost. First time visitors are welcome; Dan's Dinosaurs is a US-based specialty shop, but international shipping is available. Feel free to reach out if you have questions.

Preorder available here


Dan's Dinosaurs is proud to support our family of artists with the Dan's Dinosaurs Exclusive line, featuring unique collaborative projects with outstanding sculptors to bring you models not available elsewhere. Simply visit Models > Dan's Dinosaurs to view our selection of unfinished and fully finished resin masterpieces.

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What's Next?

Autumn has arrived, and that can only mean one thing: New 2016 pieces will be revealed soon! Don't forget to join our Facebook and YouTube pages for the latest updates, as well as upcoming preorders. is Safari going to do now that the Carnegie Collection has been discontinued? Will Papo release an Iguanodon or Baryonyx [...]

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Feb. 9 - Rebor Models, Papo Tupuxuara and Apatosaurus

New Rebor Models are now available for preorder, including Yutyrannus, Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops Hatchling, Utahraptor, Ceratosaurus, Acrocanthosaurus, and more to follow.The highly anticipated 2015 Papo dinosaur figures are now available for preorder as well, including Tupuxuara and Apatosaurus. Many more goodies are being added to the site as well, so please check the "New in Stock" [...]

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July 2 - Papo Dilophosaurus, and Battats for ASPCA

The new Papo Dilophosaurus has arrived. Available for order are the Shane Foulkes Liopleurodon kit, the fully finished Krentz Saurozoic Tyrannosaurus, and the new Sideshow Dinosauria "Tyrant King" Tyrannosaurus statue by Jorge Blanco. We have listed a rare Battat Amargasaurus on Ebay, and 100% of the funds will go to the ASPCA. To bid on this [...]

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Jun. 4 - Sideshow Reissues

The latest Sean Cooper sculpt in the MO Models line is Baryonyx, now available for order. Galileo's kits have been popular as well, so expect to see some finished versions of new releases soon: Stegosaurus, Euoplocephalus, and Caudipteryx. Mention this blog post to me in an e-mail, and I'll provide a discount on your order [...]

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May 6 - Familiar Faces

New releases are steadily arriving. Several of the new skeleton models from Favorite Co. are now available for shipping.The new Krentz Spinosaurus now has a separate listing for those who wish to order the model fully finished. This service is available for any figure or kit, which can be sent directly to Martin Garratt, but [...]

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Apr. 12 - Archaeopteryx by Papo, New Resin Kits

The first 2014 release from Papo has arrived, featuring the all-important but rarely produced Archaeopteryx.Several new resin kits are also available, including:Brontotherium and Protoceratops by Lu Feng ShanParaceratherium by Hector MuniveScutosaurus, Psittacosaurus, and Pachycephalosaurus by Shane Foulkes

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Apr. 2 - Protochirotherium by Bullyland, Triceratops by Lu Feng Shan

The museum-exclusive Bullyland Protochirotherium model was produced in limited quantities, and has become highly sought after by collectors. This piece is now available from DansDinosaurs.comThe latest and greatest ceratopsian has also made an appearance on Lu Feng Shan's 1:20 scale series of resin kits, featuring Triceratops in gorgeous detail.

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Mar. 31 - CollectA Wave I

The first wave of CollectA's 2014 series has arrived, featuring five new pieces. Head to the "New Releases" page to view the new arrivals.

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