Lambeosaurus 1:35 Resin Kit by Greg Wenzel

A detailed hadrosaur resin model.
Lambeosaurus Resin Model
Sculpted by Greg Wenzel
Top Buildup Photo by Spike Ekins
Bottom Buildup Photo by Noora Kivisilta

1 piece kit
1:35 Scale
Length: 12"

Like most resin kits, this model ships dissembled and unpainted, and may require several weeks to cast. It can be sent to a professional buildup artist upon request.

About the artist:

Greg Wenzel is a master paleoartist perhaps best known for his work on the Battat dinosaur figure line. Greg's illustrations have brought life into a number of paleontology books. His creations can be found in a wide range of publications, museums, magazines, television programs, and other media. Fans will also recognize his illustrations in Michael Crichton's The Lost World.