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Triceratops Skull Replica by DinoStoreus


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A marvelous replica featuring the massive skull of the Triceratops.
In a Cretaceous landscape stalked by seven-ton predators, running away isn't always an option. Enter the Triceratops, an immensely powerful herbivore, and one of the most dangerous dinosaurs ever to live. While our image of the mighty "three horned face" has changed throughout history, the iconic skull of the animal remains unaltered. This meticulously crafted replica conveys the fine qualities and subtle details of the ceratopsian skull, just as one would find in a museum exhibit. The distinctive frill has no fenestrae, only a solid shield of bone lined with epoccipitals. The sturdy neck socket joint provided maximum maneuverability of the skull, while three facial lances form a formidable defense even against a hungry Tyrannosaurus rex. These bony cores were sheathed in keratin, making them even longer and deadlier in life. The sophisticated grinding battery of teeth, orbital sockets, distinctive rostrum - every signature feature of the Triceratops is captured in this replica. It is an outstanding piece for a mature collector, an exceptional educational aid, and a superb addition to any home or office display.

This skull replica includes an easy-to-assemble screw mount with an elegant base, complete with the species name plate.

8-3/4" L x 8-7/8" H
1506g / Polyresin
1/10 Scale

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