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Andrewsarchus Resin Kit by Klatt


Product Description

Andrewsarchus mongoliensis is an extinct giant carnivorous mammals living in the era of middle - late Eocene 45-36 million years ago in Central Asia. It belongs to the Triisodontidae family from the Mesonychia squad. These animals are primitive hoofed animals close to the ancestors of whales and cloven-hoofed animals having five-fingered (or four-fingered) limbs with hooves on each finger. If you assume relatively larger head size (83 cm) and a lower leg length, the body length could be up to 3.5 meters and the height at the shoulders - up to 1.6 meters. The weight could reach one ton.

7.5" (19 cm) L x 3.3" (8.5 cm) H
1:20 Scale
2 piece kit

This resin kit ships dissembled and unpainted, and can be sent to a professional buildup artist upon request.

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