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October 8 - Dimetrodon by Papo

The Papo Dimetrodon is now in stock. Many manufacturers have taken on the Permian predator in the past, but Papo has introduced a fine level of detail that is absolutely superb. This Dimetrodon is also outfitted with an articulated jaw that can be open and shut. It is made all the more impressive by the [...]

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November 14 - Megalodon by Safari

Coinciding with the official relaunch of the Dan's Dinosaurs online shop, the new Safari Megalodon figure is now in stock. Safari is launching their 2014 lineup rather early this year, much to the delight of collectors everywhere!

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November 1 - The Return of Rader

As many of you are aware, paleoartist Jon Rader's famous models have been difficult to obtain for some time, due to scheduling conflicts. I am proud to announce that the Rader kits have returned. By incorporating his kits into our current distribution system, more people will be able to obtain them. Casting periods will be [...]

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October 28 - Kits by Lu Feng Shan

Please welcome Lu Feng Shan to the Dan's Dinosaurs family of artists. Already known for his beautiful models of extant wildlife, Lu is now working on prehistoric resin kits, with several new ceratopsians on the way. His first entry, the Styracosaurus, is now available to order.

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