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Jun. 4 - Sideshow Reissues

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The latest Sean Cooper sculpt in the MO Models line is Baryonyx, now available for order. Galileo's kits have been popular as well, so expect to see some finished versions of new releases soon: Stegosaurus, Euoplocephalus, and Caudipteryx. Mention this blog post to me in an e-mail, and I'll provide a discount on your order of Galileo kits.

The new Shane Foulkes Scutosaurus has completed molding and is now ready for orders. Big thanks to David Crider for producing this exciting new piece for all us to enjoy. Special discounts are available if you order this piece with the Gorgonops to accompany it, and you may contact me for details on this.

More Sideshow Dinosauria reissues have been announced, including Apatosaurus and Carnotaurus. The Dilophosaurus has recently sold out, so remember to get your preorders in early to guarantee your piece.

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