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May 6 - Familiar Faces

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New releases are steadily arriving. Several of the new skeleton models from Favorite Co. are now available for shipping.

The new Krentz Spinosaurus now has a separate listing for those who wish to order the model fully finished. This service is available for any figure or kit, which can be sent directly to Martin Garratt, but this page has been created to demonstrate how easy this can be.

Sideshow has announced they will be reissuing many of their earlier pieces, which is great news for collectors. The Styracosaurus, Spinosaurus, and Allosaurus vs. Camarasaurus are among the first to return. Preorders can now be placed with Dan's Dinosaurs.

Resin kits from Galileo Hernandez are now in Dan's Dinosaurs in very limited supply, available for immediate shipping from the US. This includes Galileo's recent vinyl kits, produced by Pegasus.