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Papo 2019 Spinosaurus

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By far one of the most anticipated items of 2019 is the new Papo Spinosaurus, which is now available to preorder from Dan's Dinosaurs. This new version is based on more recent scientific research, making it drastically different from the manufacturer's original "Jurassic Park" style version. In addition, this piece is uniquely labeled as a "limited edition" piece by the manufacturer. The precise quantity manufactured is unsurprisingly a closely guarded secret, but I will post new details on this piece as they come in. It is currently available as a "deposit price" item in the shop. Once Papo confirms their final pricing, buyers will be issued an invoice for the remaining cost. First time visitors are welcome; Dan's Dinosaurs is a US-based specialty shop, but international shipping is available. Feel free to reach out if you have questions.

Preorder available here