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Camarasaurus by Carnegie


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One of the newest giants of the Jurassic to join the Carnegie Collection.
The Camarasaurus was a sauropod that could grow as long as 60 feet and weigh as much as 20 tons. Like many dinosaurs of the Jurassic, it is believed to have been preyed upon by Allosaurs. Due to their size, they would not have been easy targets for most predators - it is possible Allosaurs coordinated in hunting parties in order to take down animals of this size.  Carnegie's Camarasaurus has been outfitted in a suitably natural color scheme with neutral tones and charcoal colorations. Modern animals of large girth, such as rhinos and elephants, bear similar colors on their bodies. At 38 cm in length, this figure is a great way to introduce massive grandeur into one's dinosaur collection without paying the prices associated with larger giants.

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