Daspletosaurus by Safari


Daspletosaurus was first discovered in 1921, but was not formally described until 1970, when geologist and paleontologist Dale Russell named it as a new dinosaur: Daspletosaurus torusus (“torusus” meaning “muscular”). In 1992, another Daspletosaurus was discovered by paleontologist Jack Horner, who believed it to be a new species that would be named Daspletosaurus horneri (“Of Horner”) in 2017. Further remains of Daspletosaurus may represent other species, but they have yet to be formally named and described. Daspletosaurus was a very close relative of Tyrannosaurus rex, and may even have been its direct ancestor.

Size in cm: 22.02 L x 4.57 W x 11.18 H
Size in inches: 8.67 L x 1.8 W x 4.4 H