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Dilophosaurus Maquette by Sideshow


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He strides beneath the towering conifers in utter silence. With each furtive step, the large male Dilophosaurus pushes deeper into dense foliage. Ferns brush against his sides, painting the hunter in sinuous streaks of cool dew. His appetite is ravenous. A lizard darts onto a decomposing log nearby, and quickly freezes at the sight of the massive apex predator. His attack is quick and unforgiving. Jaws, neck, and claws all snap forward in unison within the span of a single bounding stride. The lizard scurries along the length of the log, and promptly feels the ground disappear beneath its feet. The lower jaw of the male Dilophosaurus shovels the hapless creature high above ground, its head and tail grasped firmly in powerful claws. With a single devastating bite, the lizard dies, its blood spilling onto the ground from deep gauges inflicted by the Dilophosaurus' formidable maxillary teeth. He deftly maneuvers the prey with his claws and repositions it to lie parallel within his mouth. Dipping back his head, the male Dilophosaurus lets gravity drag his meal to the back of his throat.

He wastes no time savoring. He swallows and quietly marches on, aggressively scanning the plant life for any of his rivals who might still be lurking nearby. He's been fighting them back for several days, even forgoing food to defend his territory. Despite the intense shade of blue adorning his towering dual cranial crests, the ostentatious display of fitness has not been enough to dissuade all competitors. He sees a shadow move in the undergrowth, and turns toward the threat, remembering how he has been harried for days without relent by his own kind. His stealth abandoned, the Dilophosaurus howls and bounds forward. His fervor tempers when he comes upon her. The source of his seemingly innumerable intraspecific clashes and his most recent overreaction sits before him. Though young, the female Dilophosaurus is well fed and in prime reproductive health. Adopting a submissive posture due to her mate's sudden aggression, she coos and pulls back her neck in welcome recognition. She too has made a recent kill. He can smell the intoxicating gore on her breath, but the air is still redolent with the odor of male Dilophosaurs lurking nearby. As he turns and marches off in search of potential challengers, she stands, fixes him with a scrutinizing gaze, then stalks away to scan their home for yet another meal crawling anxiously beneath the leaves.

Sideshow Collectibles proudly presents the newest addition to our acclaimed Dinosauria series, the Dilophosaurus Maquette. Named for the unique double crest on their heads, these distinctive Jurassic theropods come to life with stunning attention to detail. The Dilophosaurus statue is an extraordinary addition to any dinosaur enthusiasts collection.

9" H (228.6mm) x 10" W (254mm) x 17" L (431.8mm)

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