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Einiosaurus Finished Model by Animasaurs


Product Description

Einiosaurus procurvicornis
From the Two Medicine Formation

"Einiosaurus was a ceratopsian dinosaur from the Two Medicine Formation, and is best known for its nasal horn. The nasal horns on ceratopsians tend to differ depending on the species, but they are usually pointed and straight. The horn on Einiosaurus is unique because it curves forward then downward, forming what would look like a hook. It is believed that as this animal aged, the horn would gain more curvature, and would be used for display in courtship. This dinosaur also has a pair of straight horns jutting out from its frill. The remains of this dinosaur consist of many individuals, and over fifteen of them were found together in a single bone bed. Due to this discovery, it is safe to assume that this dinosaur moved in herds. As our first ceratopsian, I wanted to do something that's rarely done in model form, and Einiosaurus fit the bill nicely. Our model represents an individual eating some ferns, and I asked Brandon to sculpt a bunch of scutes on its back. This is inspired by new information regarding the skin impressions of the more popular Triceratops. Some people think that it had quills like the primitive ceratopsian Psittacosaurus, while others have noted that dinosaur was more primitive than four-legged ceratopsians like Einiosaurus."
- Nathan Morris, Animasaurs Producer

4" Length
Scale: 1:50
Unpainted resin castings available upon request

Nathan Morris was born with a heart condition that required extensive hospitalization when he was 12 years old. It was at this time he was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome. The Make-A-Wish Foundation allowed him to visit the Crystal Palace Exhibit, which continued to fuel his fascination with prehistoric life. Nathan commissioned the Animasaurs series in 2015, featuring the work of sculptor Brandon DeMoss. Designed to be compact and affordable, the series features exotic species rarely seen in figure form. Nathan's dedication to detail ensures each piece is scientifically sound, making each handpainted model a true gem.

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