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Embolotherium Calf Resin Kit by Klatt


Product Description

Embolotherium is a large equine mammal about 2.5 meters tall at the shoulder, which lived in Mongolia during the late Eocene and Oligocene periods. Unlike many of the other Late Eocene Brontotheriidae, there is no clear evidence that Embolotherium was sexually dimorphic. All known specimens have large rams. Therefore, coupled with the fact that the rams were hollow and fragile in comparison to the solid and sturdy horns of the North American Brontotheriidae, such as Brontotherium, it does not seem likely that the ram served as a weapon for contests between males. Rather, it might have had a non-sexual function, such as signaling to each other. The ram may have served as a specialized resonator for sound production. This hypothesis is suggested by the fact that the bony nasal cavity extends to the peak of the ram, thus implying that the nasal chamber was greatly elevated, possibly creating a resonating chamber.

4.3" (11 cm) L x 2" (5 cm) H
1:20 Scale
2 piece kit

This resin kit ships dissembled and unpainted, and can be sent to a professional buildup artist upon request.

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