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Erectopus Finished Model by Animasaurs


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Erectopus superbus
"Erectopus was a Allosaur that lived during the lower Cretaceous period with a name that can be found as a word at The name Erectopus is a combination of two words Erectus and Pous and when used as the name Erectopus, they form the meaning “Upright foot”. The Type material for this dinosaur was first discovered during the late 1800s and was lost to science due to the death of a man who owned it. However, Casts of some of the material do exist, and it is with these that this name remains to be a valid Genus. When I first Met Brandon, my first idea for a commision was this obscure animal that I discovered on a comedy website that made fun of its suggestive name. With the animal being estimated at 10 feet long, i had to decide on which scale I wanted this to be sculpted in. At first, i was going to have it at 1:12 scale, but then i realized that it would make it too big for what i was trying to achieve for the line, so i switched it to my smaller scale which is 1:50. But then I got the idea to up the scale of the whole line to 1:32, so this model has become our first in our new 1:32 scale line of models. The Individual we made is looking at the ground to sniff the Earth because its the dry season, and the watering hole he stands in has dried up. His only hope now is to dig for the water, and hope for the best."
- Nathan Morris, Animasaurs Producer

3" Length
Scale: 1:32
Unpainted resin castings available upon request

Nathan Morris was born with a heart condition that required extensive hospitalization when he was 12 years old. It was at this time he was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome. The Make-A-Wish Foundation allowed him to visit the Crystal Palace Exhibit, which continued to fuel his fascination with prehistoric life. Nathan commissioned the Animasaurs series in 2015, featuring the work of sculptor Brandon DeMoss. Designed to be compact and affordable, the series features exotic species rarely seen in figure form. Nathan's dedication to detail ensures each piece is scientifically sound, making each handpainted model a true gem.

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