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Iguanodon by Carnegie


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One of the first dinosaurs ever scientifically documented, brought to life for the Carnegie Collection.
The initial discovery of the Iguanodon is credited to Gideon Mantell, who interpreted the specimen as a large, prehistoric iguana. This image of dinosaurs as giant reptiles persisted for some time, until our current reconstruction of the Iguanodon came to resemble the animal depicted in this figure. These large herbivores carried a distinguishing pair of clawed thumbs on each forelimb, and were probably capable of moving on either four or two legs, depending upon whether height and speed were necessary in a given situation. This latest repaint of the Carnegie Iguanodon bears a natural set of hues, and is exactly 20 centimeters in length.

"As for paintjob and color choice, this newer model is leaps and bounds ahead of the original in my book. The old version was predominantly bluish grey with brown blotches and white dots. The original also had an unsightly yellow line sloppily painted across its mouth for whatever reason. This new version’s paint application, however, seems to have been painted with care and precision unlike a lot of Carnegie’s older models. The color scheme itself is also really pleasing to me. Normally I’m a big supporter of bright colors on dinosaurs but for some reason the nice toned down earthy colors on this dinosaur really speak to me."
-Dr. Adam Stuart Smith, Paleontologist,

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