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Pachyrhinosaurus by Papo


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An exotic ceratopsid joins Papo's prehistoric collection.
The Pachyrhinosaurus gained considerable attention after a large number of fossils were discovered in a dramatic arrangement in Alberta.  The animals were densely packed together, suggesting they were transported down a channel of water, possibly drowning in a flood as the herd struggled through.  After appearing in Disney's "Dinosaur" and the History Channel's "Jurassic Fight Club", the ceratopsian's popularity quickly grew.  Pachyrhinosaurus was selected as the mascot for the 2010 Arctic Winter Games, and featured as the main character in the Walking With Dinosaurs 3D movie in 2013.  The "thick-nosed lizard" is easily distinguished by the blunt bosses along its skull, easily visible in this 15 centimeter long reconstruction by Papo.

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