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Spinosaurus (2019 version) by Papo


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Papo's original rendition of the Spinosaurus was based on the animal's appearance in the blockbuster film Jurassic Park 3. In 2019, Papo released an entirely new sculpt of this model based on more modern scientific studies, which indicate the carnivore was best suited to an aquatic environment. The model features an intriguing eel-like tail and an articulated jaw. It is shipped in a special collector's display box.

Limited Edition - Expected to sell out quickly

ETA Q3 2019

US buyers who have paid their initial deposit may submit final payment here


15" L x 6" H (40 cm L x 16 cm H)

EAN 3465000550776

Event Log:

3/16/2019 - Preorder Open for Limited Edition Model

9/9/2019 - Manufacturer Pricing Announced

11/29/2019 - Item Arrival, Preorders Begin Shipping

-/-/- Item Sold Out

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