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Tianchisaurus Finished Model by Animasaurs


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Tianchisaurus nedegoapeferima
"Tianchisaurus was a an armoured dinosaur from the Bathonian Stage of the Jurassic. This Genus is special for a few reasons. One, it is believed to be the earliest member of the Ankylosaur family, making it more related to genera such as Ankylosaurus and Scolosaurus, and a little less related to genera such as Sauropelta and Nodosaurus. It may have had a club tail, and its cheeks were more primitive than both the nodosaur and Ankylosaur families making them more similar to the likes of Stegosaurs. The other thing that's special about this dinosaur is the fact that studies on this dinosaur were funded by Steven Spielberg who suggested that the animal should have a name that connects it to his hit film Jurassic Park. Initially, the name of this genus was going to be Jurassosaurus with the species name nedegoapeferima which is a composite of most of the actors last names in the movie. However the Name Jurassosaurus was scrapped in favor of its current name Tianchisaurus, but the Species name was retained in favour of the movie. The Genus Name Tianchisaurus means Heavenly lake lizard, and was named after Lake Tianchi near the Tianshan Mountains. It is on these mountains that the first fossils of this dinosaur were discovered. When I first commissioned Brandem to make this Model, it was right around the time that Jurassic World was arriving into theaters. So with this in mind, i thought i do a dinosaur thats some how connected to the Famous Franchise. Crichtonsaurus was an obvious choice because that Genus was named after the Author who penned every dino fans favorite book. However, I heard that that genus was a nomen dubium, which lead me to commission our second choice, Tianchisaurus. Our model represents an Angry individual, who is being pestered by a predator. Sure Herbivores could be docile at times, But i think if predator were to so much walk near this creature, it would have an awful time, as the herbivores reaction would be to Lay low, and swing his primitive club to ward off the suspecting animal."
- Nathan Morris, Animasaurs Producer

3" Length
Scale: 1:32
Unpainted resin castings available upon request

Nathan Morris was born with a heart condition that required extensive hospitalization when he was 12 years old. It was at this time he was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome. The Make-A-Wish Foundation allowed him to visit the Crystal Palace Exhibit, which continued to fuel his fascination with prehistoric life. Nathan commissioned the Animasaurs series in 2015, featuring the work of sculptor Brandon DeMoss. Designed to be compact and affordable, the series features exotic species rarely seen in figure form. Nathan's dedication to detail ensures each piece is scientifically sound, making each handpainted model a true gem.

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