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Tyrannosaur Family Poster


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Examines the many members of the tyrannosaur family.
"The central design shows all members of the Tyrannosaur family, in scale to each other. They are arranged chronologically, left to right, by the time they first appear in the fossil record. The insets cover many important topics. The two at the top explain the distinctive anatomical characteristics and show the important ancestors. The captions cite species, pronunciation, size, when lived where fossils have been found and important milestones in evolutionary development. Those at the bottom cover new discoveries, such as the recently unearthed feathered tyrannosaurs and the results of the amazing growth studies recently announced by the Field Museum. Behavior discusses family relationship and the controversial question as the T. rex being a hunter or a scavenger. The last one lists all North American museums where T. rex skeletons are on display. n found will be shown on a matched set of maps - one showing the position of the continents at the time and the other where they are today."

24" x 36"

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