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Tyrannosaurus Skull Replica by DinoStoreus


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A mounted Tyrannosaurus skull replica in a desktop-friendly size.
Of all the ancient beasts that roamed our planet, none carry the tremendous power and irresistible allure of Tyrannosaurus rex. Known as the "tyrant king", this massive carnivore once prowled the Cretaceous landscape with unparalleled efficiency and indomitable ferocity. While our image of the super predator has changed throughout history, the iconic skull of the animal remains unaltered. This meticulously crafted replica conveys the fine qualities and subtle details of the tyrannosaur skull, just as one would find in a museum exhibit. The fenestrae lightened the skull to maximize maneuverability, while providing sturdy points of attachment for powerful muscles. Strong binocular vision, acute olfactory senses, massive bone-crushing teeth - every feature of the Tyrannosaurus rex skull is made evident in this replica. It is an outstanding piece for a mature collector, an exceptional educational aid, and a superb addition to any home or office display.

This skull replica includes an easy-to-assemble screw mount with an elegant base, complete with the species name plate.

L16.5×W10.5×H18cm 864g / Polyresin 1/10 Scale

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