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Yangchuanosaurus Resin Kit by Dinone Studio


Discontinued 2017

A sated Yangchaunosaurus drops to the dusty, cracked earth. He is instantly beset by an Angustinaripterus duo, who receive no acknowledgement as they begin their routine hunt for parasites on his hide. Normally he would let his jaw slack so they would begin cleaning his teeth, but the air is uncomfortably dry here. His muscles twitch as they relax, and sleep begins to take hold of him.

Tison Zhang sculpted this model, which Dinone Studios released in Dan's Dinosaurs in 2015. This reconstruction features a carnivore doing what carnivores do best - chilling out. Balancing science and artistry with brilliant composition, this diorama provides a window into the world of our planet's natural history.

Length: 49 cm
Scale: 1:20

This resin kits ships dissembled and unpainted, and can be sent to a professional buildup artist upon request.