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Lurdusaurus Finished Model by Animasaurs


Product Description

Lurdusaurus aurenentus
From the ‬Elhraz Formation

"Lurdusaurus was an iguanodont from the Aptian stage of the Cretaceous period, and was found in what is now Nigeria. The most distinguishing characteristics of this animal include a longer neck and heavier build than most other members of the Iguanodon family. Some paleontologists have speculated that it had a life similar to that of a modern day hippo. This is because the hind feet on this dinosaur lacked connections, suggesting that it had a fleshy pad on them. This is also backed up by the dinosaur's heavily built skeleton, said to aid in buoyancy when in the water. However, there is no physical evidence that supports the theory of an aquatic lifestyle. Because of the uncertainty of this creature being amphibious, I asked to have this model sculpted on land. Most depictions of this animal show it in a rather static pose, so Brandon and I thought about giving our model a bit more action, running for its life from a carnivorous contemporary that will be made by us in the future."
- Nathan Morris, Animasaurs Producer

8" Length
Scale: 1:50
Unpainted resin castings available upon request

Nathan Morris was born with a heart condition that required extensive hospitalization when he was 12 years old. It was at this time he was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome. The Make-A-Wish Foundation allowed him to visit the Crystal Palace Exhibit, which continued to fuel his fascination with prehistoric life. Nathan commissioned the Animasaurs series in 2015, featuring the work of sculptor Brandon DeMoss. Designed to be compact and affordable, the series features exotic species rarely seen in figure form. Nathan's dedication to detail ensures each piece is scientifically sound, making each handpainted model a true gem.

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