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Dilophosaurus by DinoStoreus

A finished model of the exotic Jurassic predator.
The Dilophosaurus is aptly named for its signature crests, which run along the top of the skull.  Although famously depicted in the film Jurassic Park, there is no evidence of the animal possessing venom glands or a neck frill.  As a dinosaur in the early Jurassic period, it would have little need of such abilities, as it was likely a top predator in its ecosystem.  This depiction of the carnivore shows the animal in a unique squatting position, possibly resting or rising from a brief nap.  This is an interesting contrast from the attacking postures in typical carnivore depictions, lending the model a genuinely mature quality for the seasoned collector.

10-1/2" L x 3-1/2" H, Wt: 8 oz