Atrociraptor by Beasts of the Mesozoic


Atrociraptor marshalli (savage plunderer) - Little is known of the mysterious Atrociraptor. Only fragments of the skull and teeth exist for this animal, but from just these fossils, we know that Atrociraptor had a very strong bite, with a skull deeper than most dromeaosaurs and larger teeth and biting muscles. Because of these adaptions, it's believed that this species relied much more heavily on its bite than its claws. This raptor lived in forested flood plains and swampy areas; its remains were found in SW Canada.

"Beasts of the Mesozoic" was launched in 2017 by renowned sculptor David Silva of Creativebeast Studio. This crowdfunded project featured highly detailed and fully articulated models, as well as original packaging art by Jonathan Kuo. The line is uniquely focused on combining scientific accuracy, interactive poseability, and striking visual aesthetic. The initial 2017 wave of releases highlights "Raptors", with models in 1:6 scale.