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Brachiosaurus by Carnegie

The magnificent macronarian in vibrant color.
The Brachiosaurus has been a part of the Carnegie Collection since the product line first made its debut in the 1980's. This 2012 resculpt of the Brachiosaurus pays homage to the vibrant green hue of the previous model, while splashes of red accentuate the iconic silhouette. Presented by Safari Ltd. and crafted by longtime Carnegie sculptor Forest Rogers, this huge replica was constructed entirely from scratch, collaborating closely with top paleontologists to ensure the highest level of scientific accuracy. Collectors and enthusiasts will notice the incorporation of many new anatomical upgrades, such as the leaner build and reduced slope of the neck. Once again, we owe a great deal to the Carnegie Collection for beautifully revitalizing a classic dinosaur, elegantly reintroducing the famed sauropod into the twenty-first century. This massive model is sure to become the centerpiece of any prehistoric figure collection.

1:50 Scale
18.5" L x 7" H (47 x 17.8 cm)