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Deinonychus "Birdwatcher" Resin Kit by McVey


Note: This model was retired in 2014

Acclaimed paleoartist Tony McVey was well known to the prehistoric model "garage kit" market throughout the nineties, and provided the Sideshow Dinosauria line with his superb Spinosaurus sculpt in 2009. McVey joined Dan's Dinosaurs in 2013 to release a new line of resin models, beginning with this massive 1:6 scale reconstruction of the classic raptor, Deinonychus.

Like all resin kits, this model ships disassembled and unpainted, and may require some slight cleanup. It is cast to order, a meticulous process which may take several weeks before the final model is ready to ship.

1:6 Scale
7 piece kit
Dimensions: 19" L x 7" H

About the Artist:

Tony McVey is a sculptor and character designer with more than 40 years experience in model making for museum display, films and TV commercials. He spent several years working as a model maker for the British Museum: Natural History, before moving into the film industry and employment with companies like Jim Henson Productions,Industrial Light and Magic, Warner Bros., Columbia Pictures Television, Disney, Electronic Arts, Atari and JAK Films, among others. Film work includes character design and sculpting on Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger, Superman, The Dark Crystal, Return of the Jedi, Gremlins, Enemy Mine, Howard the Duck, Star Trek 3 and Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. Additionally, TV commercial projects involving prop building, puppet fabrication and operation, model and miniature construction and effects design and direction covered several years. Clients included Prudential, Detroit Edison, Box Co.(Japan), Grey Advertising, Columbia Pictures Television and the American Cancer Society.