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"Dinosaur Sculpting" by Allen & Diane Debus, Bob Morales

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The ultimate guide for model reconstructions. Limited Quantities
Dinosaur Sculpting - Second Edition
A new book, expanded from the 1995 first edition, describing detailed, step-by-step procedures for sculpting, molding and painting original prehistoric animals, emphasizing the use of relatively inexpensive materials including oven-hardening polymer clay and wire. Additional tips are offered on how to build distinctive dino-dioramas and scenes involving one’s own original sculptures that you will learn how to conceive and build. This book will appeal to--and inspire--the latest generation of prospective prehistoric animal lovers who would like to break into the industry of paleosculpture. Techniques range from the "basic" to "advanced." The authors also discuss what it means to be a "paleoartist," both in the past and present.

Allen A. Debus is a dinosaur sculptor and author of multiple books. He writes regularly for Prehistoric Times, G-Fan, Mad Scientist and Scary Monsters, and was a contributing editor of Fossil News: Journal of Avocational Paleontology. He lives in Hanover Park, Illinois. Diane E. Debus coauthors articles with her husband Allen A. Debus. She lives in Hanover Park, Illinois.

Allen A. Debus , Bob Morales and Diane E. Debus Foreword by Mike Fredericks
Print ISBN: 978-0-7864-7205-5
277 pages
200 photos, glossary, notes, bibliography, index softcover (7 x 10) 2013