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Drawing Dinosaurs: Anatomy and Sketching DVD

A professional tutorial by The Gnomon Workshop and David Krentz.
Many of us drew dinosaurs when we were kids. Dinosaurs are beasts of paradox. They inhabited the world between monster and animal, imagination and science. For many, dinosaurs were the introduction to understanding the natural world. It is not surprising that many of the world’s leading paleontologists started out as artists themselves. In this DVD, David conveys a strong understanding of dinosaur anatomy mixed with the sheer joy of giving life, personality and motion to these inspiring creatures. He covers a wide range of topics from skeletal structures and muscles, to range of motion and the essential gestures of various body types. David focuses on capturing these elements in the form of quick sketches of both herbivorous and carnivorous dinosaurs. Presented by Gnomon Workshop and paleoartist David Krentz, whose work can be seen in Sideshow's Dinosauria line and the Discovery series "Dinosaur Revolution".

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1. Introduction
2. Head
3. Torso
4. Limbs
5. Vertebral Column
6. Proportion
7. Osteological Neutral Position
8. Muscles
9. Range of Motion
10. Comparative Anatomy
11. Locomotion
12. Body Types
13. Gesture
14. Quick Sketch 1 (Sauropod)
15. Quick Sketch 2 (Psittacosaurus)
16. Quick Sketch 3 (Deinonychus)
17. Rendering Rugops
18. Clean-up in Photoshop®

* Product Code: DKR01
* ISBN: 1-59762-903-0
* UPC: 805366016616
* Duration: 140 minutes
* Formats: DVD-VIDEO