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Giganotosaurus by Eofauna

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The first dinosaur to be released in the EoFauna series, this mighty theropod made its debut in early 2019. Naturalistic skin tones and a balanced striding pose highlight the attention to realism that has always been a focus of this model line.

Features articulated jaw

1:35 Scale

Length: 15 inches - 39 cm

The manufacturer has indicated that standing issues have been reported in some of their models. Consequently, they have produced this correction procedure that can be used to correct the feet position: Tighten the legs with a small rope in order to reduce the distance between them by about 1 cm. Maintaining this position in the rope, submerge the legs for about 20 seconds in very hot water to soften them. After this, stand the figure on a flat surface and press up and down on it for about another 20 seconds. This will help to restore the feet to their correct position. Finally, submerge the figure's legs in cold water. After this, remove the rope and inspect the results. Several attempts and different submergence times may be required due to variation in water temperature, but this method appears to work in most circumstances.