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Linheraptor (version 2) by Beasts of the Mesozoic

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Linheraptor exquisitus (Linhe Robber) - Known from a single, nearly complete skeleton, Linheraptor was an agile hunter of the desert much like the closely related, Tsaagan, relying heavily on its sickle claw and speed to track down prey. Linheraptor is named after the district where its remains were discovered. This figure will be approximately 12" long x 5" tall having 26 points of articulation and will include a base, posing rod, and interchangeable closed running toes

"Beasts of the Mesozoic" was launched in 2017 by renowned sculptor David Silva of Creativebeast Studio. This crowdfunded project featured highly detailed and fully articulated models, as well as original packaging art by Jonathan Kuo. The line is uniquely focused on combining scientific accuracy, interactive poseability, and striking visual aesthetic. The initial 2017 wave of releases highlights "Raptors", with models in 1:6 scale.