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"Paleoimagery" by Allen & Diane Debus

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An exploration of paleontological art through the decades.
Other than seeing them in popular movies such as Jurassic Park, how do people today know what dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals looked like? Only their fossils remain, but thanks to paleoartists most people have a good idea of what these creatures looked like.

The world of paleoart and its artists are the subject of this richly illustrated work. It explores themes in the depiction of dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals, paleoart’s history and speculative nature and its effect on scientists’ impressions of prehistoric animals. Also explored are such topics as the careers of several paleoartists, including Georges Cuvier, Gideon Mantell, John Martin, Neave Parker, Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins and Charles R. Knight, the depiction of scientific ideas about dinosaurs and prehistoric animals on canvas and in sculpture, the purpose and process of restoring them in museums, the significance of certain restorations and images, and the development of paleoart in America.

Allen A. Debus and Diane E. Debus Foreword by Donald F. Glut
Print ISBN: 978-0-7864-6420-3 126
photos, notes, bibliography, index 293pp. softcover (8.5 x 11) 2011 [2002]