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Styracosaurus 1:15 Resin Kit by McVey-Sumeru

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Paleoartist Tony McVey sculpted this beautifully detailed Styracosaurus model at a generous 1:15 scale. This piece was released in collaboration with Sumeru Studio as a resin kit in 2024.

- piece roto-cast kit
Dimensions: 17.7" L(450MM) X 6.5" W(165MM) X 9.8" H(250MM)
1:35 Scale

This model may require several weeks to cast. Like all resin kits, it ships disassembled and unpainted, and may be sent to a professional buildup artist upon request.

Shipping to China is unavailable for this item.

Event Log:
04/03/2024 - Preorder opens
05/--/2024 - Preorders ship