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Tyrannosaurus 1:15 Resin Kit by TY Dinostudio

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The rainy season has ended, and Harley the T. rex patrols the floodplain of Hell Creek. It senses some movement in the distance and stops to look ahead. After confirming the presence of an intruder, it starts to move forward, whether the intruder is prey or a fellow trespasser. Its massive, heavy left leg is poised to lift, leaving deep imprints in the muddy ground.

This model was created using ZBrush and cast into a resin model after being printed in red wax. It is available in two scales: 1:15 and 1:35. The bases for the two scales have different designs.

1:15 Scale
Number of pieces in kit: 9
Length of model: 902.90mm
Dimensions of Rex: 159.54mm x 306.90mm x 902.90mm
Dimensions of base: 446.527mm x 273.946mm x 90.779mm
Expected ship date: Mid-August 2024
Ships unbuilt and unpainted from China. Final shipping cost may vary.