Tyrannosaurus "Saurozoic Collection" Resin Kit by Krentz


The tyrant king in stunning detail.
World-renowned paleoartist David Krentz, whose work can be seen in Disney' Dinosaur, Discovery's Dinosaur Revolution, and the Walking With Dinosaurs 3D movie, released this 1:40 scale model of Tyrannosaurus rex in 2012. David crafted the figure as a three dimensional computer model, allowing the integration of massive surface textures and tremendous detail. The model is then "printed" as a physical piece, and cast in resin for all to enjoy. This stunning model captures the might and majesty of the tyrant king like no other.

Like all resin kits, this model ships disassembled and unpainted, and may require some slight cleanup. It is cast to order, a meticulous process which may take several weeks before the final model is ready to ship.

7 piece kit
1:40 Scale
32 x 13 cm