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Velociraptor by Carnegie (2015 version)


The fleet footed Velociraptor gained massive popularity from the Jurassic Park film franchise in 1993. Unlike the creatures shown in the film, the Carnegie model had to strictly adhere to the standard of scientific accuracy the series had become known for. Since it would have been extraordinarily small if produced at 1:40 scale, the animal was scaled up to a generous 1:10 scale, allowing dedicated collectors to have a closer look at the ferocious hunter. The Carnegie Collection released its first Velociraptor figure in 2003. It was vividly patterned in a fiery paint scheme, which was exchanged for a more modest sandy coloration in 2007. In the following years, many new paleontological discoveries indicated that most maniraptorans may have in fact been covered in feathers. Fossils of Velociraptor in particular suggest the presence of quill knobs on the arms. Longtime Carnegie sculptor Forest Rogers was once again tasked with reconstructing this celebrated carnivore, incorporating the latest scientific research. The result is a Velociraptor model that is both scientifically accurate and aesthetically beautiful, with striking high contrast patterns in the hunter's integument, and superior sculptural detail. This contemporary reconstruction of the animal makes for an excellent educational aid and display piece, particularly when displayed along the many bald raptor models that have been produced in the past. Manufactured by Safari Ltd. and released to the general public in 2015, the new Carnegie Velociraptor heralds the arrival of the modern age of feathered dinosaurs.

1:10 Scale

8" L x 3.25" H

19.25 x 7.75 cm