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Tyrannosaurus 1:38 "Jurassic Park 3" by Prime 1


Prime 1 Studio is proud to announce the next addition to our Prime Collectible Figure Series: The 1:38 scale Tyrannosaurus-Rex from Jurassic Park III! The iconic franchise’s apex predator made its appearance and engaged in an intense physical clash against the formidable Spinosaurus on Ilsa Sorna. Our artisans have once again come together to recreate this realistic 10 inches-wide T-Rex. As always, masterful craftsmanship goes into texturizing, painting, shadowing and finishing of these reptilian predators. Powerful jaws and razor-sharp teeth, massive and robust tail, it was best to stay clear from its path on this dinosaur-filled island. The T-Rex stands on a textured earthen base, emblazoned with the Jurassic Park III’s movie logo.

6.69" H (169.93mm) x 15.75" W (400.05mm) x 9.05" L (229.87mm)

Produced in limited quantities

Preorder deadline: 1/30/2024

ETA Q3 2025