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Velociraptor 1:10 "Jurassic Park" by Prime 1


Prime 1 Studio is thrilled to introduce the Velociraptor Jump 1:10 Scale Statue from Jurassic Park to our Prime Collectible Figure series! Capturing a daring Velociraptor mid-pounce from the iconic battle in the rotunda with the Tyrannosaurus Rex, this figure embodies the relentless spirit of this intelligent and agile hunter. With exposed fangs, razor-sharp claws, and fierce yellow eyes, the dynamic pose and meticulous detailing showcase the fearsome features of this formidable predator. The specially designed base draws inspiration from Isla Nublar, setting the stage for the relentless encounter. The logo plate accentuates the weighty significance of this confrontation.

8.26" H (209.8mm) x 12.60" W (320.04mm) x 5.51" L (139.95mm)

Produced in limited quantities

Preorder deadline: 1/30/2024

ETA Q3 2025