Tyrannosaurus "Reg" 1:18 Resin Kit by Krentz-Sumeru (Deposit Only)

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Paleoartist David Krentz used advanced ZBrush digital sculpting and 3D printing to bring out staggering detail in this massive sculpt. The design was based on specimen AMNH 5027. This piece was released in collaboration with Sumeru Studio as a resin kit in 2023.

- piece roto-cast kit
Dimensions: -" L x -" H
1:18 Scale

This model may require several weeks to cast. Like all resin kits, it ships disassembled and unpainted, and may be sent to a professional buildup artist upon request.

Reservations now accepted via preorder deposit. Final price, dimensions, and additional images coming soon.

ETA Winter 2023

Shipping to China is unavailable for this item.

Event Log:
5/7/2023 - Preorder opens
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