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Atlasaurus by Eofauna

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The exotic sauropod Atlasaurus joined the Eofauna figure series in 2019.

"Our reconstruction of the neck length corresponds to the fossils record. The descriptive scientific study of Atlasaurus reports that the neck measures 3.85 m long, and our recreation possesses a neck just below 4 m, sightly longer because of the intervertebral cartilage. Moreover, the photos of the cervicals we have confirms its extreme short neck. Other authors like Gregory Paul restore its neck somewhat shorter at about 3.5 m, while Nima Shahani increase its length to about 4.5 m. We feel the first estimate is too short, and the second too long based on the current evidence. Atlasasurus was once considered part of brachiosaurid family. However, phylogenetic studies place it as a basal neosaropod related to sauropods like Jobaria and Turiasaurus, which in part, explain the Atlasaurus's very short neck."

   - Eofauna Scientific Research

1:40 Scale

11.8 L x 8.8 H in (30 L x 22.5 H cm)