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Triceratops by Eofauna

Dominant (Brown)
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"Triceratops sp. is not to be confused with T. horridus or T. prorsus. This animal likely belongs to a new unnamed species. It is based on the material recovered from the Hell Creek middle third Formation; mainly on MOR 3027 (partly using photogrammetry), and UCMP 128561."
- Eofauna Scientific Research

Eofauna issued this striking rendition of Triceratops sp. in 2021. The figure was originally released in two different color styles, "Cryptic" and "Dominant", and features a cheekless jaw based on recent paleontological studies.

1:35 Scale
20 L x 13 H cm

Available in two paint styles (view photos):
Dominant (Brown)
Cryptic (Blue)

Discount available when ordering both versions

Event Log:
11/3/2020 - Preorder Open
3/2/2021 - Item Arrival, Preorders Begin Shipping
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